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Tony Vouis

Tony, the original founder and owner of Burg, hails from Columbus, Ohio. Following the completion of his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Columbus College of Art and Design, he promptly journeyed to Florida.

Tony initially pursued a career as a full-time tattoo artist before embarking on his CrossFit journey.
Commencing as a dedicated member, Tony swiftly transitioned into a coaching role, recognizing the potential for a new venture – opening his own fitness location. In late 2013, the downtown St. Petersburg location materialized, initially serving as a Barbell club for friends but rapidly evolving into a thriving CrossFit community. Subsequently, two more Burg locations emerged, including Burg North in North St. Petersburg, expertly operated by his business partner, Jason Duttle. Additionally, the Sunbury, Ohio location, aptly named Burg Sunbury, came into existence. Burg Sunbury is now under the ownership of the remarkable Amy Tomlinson, who has skillfully managed the location since its inception.
Beyond his professional pursuits, Tony is happily married to his wife, Jen, and is a proud father of three children, accompanied by two dogs. His diverse interests encompass the fine arts, hunting, fishing, and a deep appreciation for the outdoors, all while cherishing quality moments with his family.

General Manager

Jason Richardson

Jason has such a passion for Crossfit and fitness in general. He strives to help people reach their fitness goals and become the best versions of themselves. He brings such a value to our community and holds others accountable in hopes they do the same for him.

He makes a point to connect with new, and old, members to find out where they are in their fitness journey. Jason will find out what it takes to ensure that you are not stuck on a plateau and keep you moving forward.

CrossFit Level 1 CrossFit Weightlifting NPTI Personal Trainer SAQ Coach (Speed, Agility & Quickness)

Pete Deatsch coach at Burg CrossFit

Lead Coach/Nutrition Coach

Pete Deatsch

I found my passion for health and fitness later in life. I played sports growing up, but through high school other things became my priority over improving and being healthy.

For some time after high school, I had an unhealthy relationship with food and alcohol and saw my health rapidly getting worse. After seeking out help and putting down the alcohol, I gained the confidence I needed to be a better person and take better care of myself. I grew through the transformation, focusing on how I felt, rather than how I looked. Helping others became a passion through this change, so finding a way to support myself doing something I love was the only thing I wanted to do. I moved to Florida from Ohio in 2019 to seek that path. Finding Burg CrossFit and the amazing community here changed some feelings I had towards CrossFit and has made me a better coach and person in the process. Knowing I get to help people change their health and lives every day, makes getting out of bed every morning a lot easier.

CrossFit Level 1 NASM CPT Precision Nutrition L1


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