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Burg CrossFit is a big facility that still has that “small gym” feel. We’ve built our community on genuine friendship, and even with more than 250 members, you’ll still feel that vibe as soon as you walk in the door. We focus on whole-person health. In addition to killer CrossFit coaches, we’ve got a staff of experts on hand to keep you limber mentally and physically, including an in-house massage therapist, a mental health therapist, a nutritional coach, and more.

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Daily WOD

CrossFit 3/9/22Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceMetconFT 1 mile run, 50 KB DL, 2k Row, 50 GHD, 3k Bike (Time)For Time 3 Mile Bike 50 DB KB deadlifts 70/53 2K Row 50 GHD sit ups/75 sit ups 1 Mile Run 40 Min cap For all divisions, scale run, row and bike to a time domain under 10 minutes each The race is won in consistency over the length of the workout, NOT that first mile. Pace. It. Out. If class is too large, start at different cardio movements (run, row, bike) Scoring: . .3 miles =

BurgFit 3/7/22Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceMetcon3RFT 20 Wallball, 15 Pull-up, 10 DB Hang Clean (Time)3RFT 20 Wall balls 20/14 15 Pull Ups 10 DB Hang Cleans 50/35 (5 per side) 10 Min Cap Wallballs are meant to be unbroken, Pullups done in 2-3 sets. Choose a DB weight where you are close to going unbroken. Int: 15/10 Wallball Jumping Pullups 35/20 Scaled: 10/6 Wallball Ring Rows 20/10 DB MetconRest 3 min 21-15-9 Box jumps HSPU T2B (Time)21-15-9 Box jumps 24/20 Handstand Push-ups Toes to Bar Cap: 12 minutes Int: Step-Ups 24/20" Elevated HSPU Toes to Eyes Scaled: Step-Ups 20/16 DB Presses Knees to Chest MetconRest 3 min FT 50 DB Snatches

BurgFit 3/4/22Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceMetconBurgFitters! If you have never used a barbell before - this is a great opportunity to try using the bar for deadlifts. If you are uncomfortable using the bar and want to use DB, please look at the DB version of 22.2 REMINDER: If you do the DB version even with 50/35 Dumbbells, you can not log the workout as "Rx" version into the CrossFit Games Open. CrossFit Games Open 22.2 RX (Ages 16-54) (Time)1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time of: Deadlifts Bar-facing burpees Time cap: 10 minutes F: 155-lb Barbell M:

BurgFit 3/2/22Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceMetconAMRAP12 15 Cal Row 10 BBOR 3 Rope Climbs (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)AMRAP12 15/12 Cal Row 10 Burpee Over Rower 3/2 Rope Climbs Push the pace on the rower and burpees, we're working on rope climbs with a higher heart rate. Goal is to get past the 3.5-4th round. Rx+: Legless Int: 12" Rope Climbs Step Over Rower Scaled: Burpees Rope Walk Ups MetconRest 3 min AMRAP12 500m Row 10 DB Thrusters 5 Devil's Press (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)AMRAP 12 500m Row 10 DB Thrusters 35/20 5 Devil’s Press This one will come down to how

BurgFit 2/28/22Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceMetcon5RFT 15 Cal Bike 10 HSPU 5 Sandbag Cleans (Time)5RFT 15/12 Cal Bike 10 HSPU 5 Sandbag Cleans 100/80 16 min cap Goal is to finish each round in 2-2:30 min. Work on transitioning quickly and stringing together HSPU in either 1-2 sets. Rx+: Strict HSPU 150/100 Int: 12/8 Elevated 80/60 Scaled: Seated Strict Press 60/40MetconRest 3 min after cap 5RFT 20 Cal Ski 10 Sandbag Lunge (Time)5RFT 20/16 Cal Ski 10 Sandbag Lunge 100/80 16 min cap *5 Lunges Per Leg* Hold sandbag in any position Be a little more aggressive on the calories on the ski erg. You won't need

Burgfit 02/23/2022Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceMetconAMRAP12 20 Cal Bike 15 TTB 10 SBC (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)AMRAP12 20/16 Cal Bike 15 T2B 10 Sandbag Cleans 80/60 T2B & Sandbag Cleans will tax your midline, try to keep them to no more than three sets. Rx+: 100/80 Int: 15/12 cal 15 Toes To Eyes 10 Sandbag Cleans 50/30 Scaled: 10/8 Cal Bike 15 Knees to Chest 30/20 Metcon5min Rest2RFT 200m Run 10 sPull Ups 20 Sandbag Squats 30 Situps (Time)2RFT 200m Run 10 Strict Pullups 200m Run 20 Sandbag Squats 80/60 200m Run 30 Situps 100m = 1 rep Cap: 16 min Rx+: 100/80

Burgfit 02/21/2022Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceMetcon5RFT 40 cal Row, 30 MC, 20 Alt DB Snatch, 10 DB Step-up (Time)5RFT 40/32 Cal Row 30 Mountain Climber (each leg) 20 Alt. DB Snatch 50/35 10 DB Step ups- Goblet position 50/35# 24/20" Cap: 32min INT: 35/20# SCALED: Reps 30/24 CAL 20 Mountain climbers 20 DB Snatches 20/10 5 Goblet Step ups 20/10# 20/16" Stimulus: The rower should take you no longer than 2-2.5 minutes to complete. Scale to a weight that you could go directly from snatches to step-ups without resting (when fresh).

Burgfit 02/18/2022Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceMetcon15 AMRAP 20 cal bike, 20 HSPU, 50ft OH WL (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)15 Min AMRAP 20/16 Cal Bike 20 Hand stand push ups 20 Double KB Deadlifts 53/35 All the movements use a different muscle group,so each muscle group has time to recover between each movements. Break up the HSPU early/do not go to failure. Aim for 4+ rounds. Rx+: 70/53 50/35 Int: 15/12 cal Bike Elevated HSPU 35/25 Sc: 10/8 cal DB Press 25/18 Metcon5min Rest2RFT 600m Run, 30 Pistols, 30 KB Swings* (Time)2RFT 600m Run 30 Alt Pistols 30 KB Swings 53/35 Cap: 15 minutes 100m = 1 rep Your legs

Burgfit 02/16/2022Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceMetconFR 100m carry, 30 burpees, RC, Renegade, Jump Lunge, amrap cindy (AMRAP - Reps)Amrap 35min 100m Double DB Front Rack carry 35/20s 30 Burpees 4 Rope Climbs 40 Jump Lunges 4 Rope Climbs 40 Renegade Row 35/20s (20 reps per side) 4 Rope Climbs 40 Jump Lunges 4 Rope Climbs 30 Burpees 100m Double DB Front Rack carry Rx+ 50/35s In remaining time perform: AMRAP 5 Pullups 10 Push-up 15 Squats Score is total reps completed (finishing part 1 of workout = 396 reps) 50 meters = 1 rep The first part of the WOD will blow up your grip and smoke your legs. Try to