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Burg CrossFit is a big facility that still has that “small gym” feel. We’ve built our community on genuine friendship, and even with more than 250 members, you’ll still feel that vibe as soon as you walk in the door. We focus on whole-person health. In addition to killer CrossFit coaches, we’ve got a staff of experts on hand to keep you limber mentally and physically, including an in-house massage therapist, a mental health therapist, a nutritional coach, and more.

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BurgFit 5/5/21Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceMetconAMRAP 15 Cal Bike, 15 DB DL, 11 DB HPC, 7 DB S2OH (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)AMRAP 15 20/16 Cal Bike 15 DB Deadlift 50/35 11 DB Hang Power Cleans 7 DB S2OH Int: 16/12 Cal Bike 35/20 DB Beg: 12/8 Cal Bike 20/10 DB Stimulus: Heart rate will be up from bike. Look to control breathing on the bike while going into DB work. Grip will start to fatigue. If break is needed, break in transition to the next DB not during. MetconRest 3 Mins After The Cap ( 18 Min Mark )5RFT 10 Renegade

BurgFit 5/3/21Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceMetcon4RFT 5RMU, 50 DU, 400M Run (Time)4 Rounds For Time: 5 Ring Muscle Ups 50 Double Unders 400 M Run 18 Min Cap Rx+: 8 RMU 100 Double Unders Int: C2B or Pull Ups (10 Reps) 25 Double Unders or 100 Singles Beg: 15 Ring Rows 50 Singles 200 M Run 100 M = 1 Rep Stimulus: Approach the gymnastics and jump rope as unbroken, catching your breath out on the run. However, keeping the run under 2:15 MetconRest 3 Mins After The Cap ( 21 Min Mark )AMRAP 13 15 PU, 20 Hang DB Snatch, Cal Row, 20 Goblet Lunges (AMRAP

BurgFit 4/30/21Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceMetconE5MOM 15 Cal Bike 15 TTB 15 HSPU (7 Rounds for reps)Every 5 min for 35 minutes 15/12 Cal Bike 15 Toes To Bar 15 HSPU Score is time for EACH ROUND Rx+: 25/20 Cal Bike 21 T2B Int: 12/9 Cal Bike Toes to Eye Elevated HSPU Beg: 9/7 Cal Bike Hanging Knee Raise OR Toes To Rig 20/10 Seated Press Stimulus: Scale your movements that allow you to complete the first round in under 3:30 minutes.

BurgFit 4/28/21Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceMetconFT Run, Devil's Press Squat Cleans DB Snatch DB Push Press (Time)For Time: 800m Run 10 Devil's Press 50/35 600m Run 20 DB Squat Cleans 50/35 400m Run 30 Alt DB Snatch 50/35 200m Run 40 DB Push Press 50/35 20 Min Cap Int: 35/25 Beg: 20/10 DB Stimulus: Pace the running to finish the runs respectively under 4 mins, 3 mins, 2 mins and 1 min. MetconRest 5 Minutes After The Cap60 SBC, EMOM PU (Time)60 Sandbag Cleans For Time 100/80 EMOM 10 Push Ups 11 Min Cap Int: 80/60 Elevated Push Up Beg: 60/40 Knee Push Up or Banded Push Up Stimulus: Choose

BurgFit 4/26/21Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceMetcon3RFT 15 BBJO, 500m Row, 30 DB OH Lunge (Time)3 RFT 15 Burpee Box Facing Jump Overs 24"/20' 500 M Row 30 SA KB Overhead Lunge 53/35 (30 Total, 15 Per Leg) 20 Min Cap Rx+: 70/53 Int: Burpee Box Step Overs 400 M Row 35/26 Beg Sprawls to Step Overs 20/16 300 M Row KB Front Rack Lunges 26/15 Stimulus: Consistent pace and breathing in the burpees and row, as it will tax you going into the overhead lunges 100 M Row = 1 Rep MetconRest 5 Mins After The CapAMRAP 8, 10 KB Swings, 15 Sit

BurgFit 4/23/21Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceMetconFT CAL BIKE, Rope climbs (Time)For Time 21/17 Cal Bike 3 Rope Climbs 15/12 cal Bike 2 RC 9/7 Cal 1 RC 10 Min Cap INT: RC to 12 Feet BEG: 15-10-5 (W:12-8-4) 9/6/3 Rope walk upsMetconRest 5 min after cap 50 DB Step ups, 100 Wallballs, 50 DB DL (Time)50 DB Step Ups 35/20# 24/20" 100 Wallballs 15/10# 50 DB Deadlifts 35/20's Cap: 20 minutes Goal is to hit bigger sets on the wallballs (think 40-50) before dropping since the weight is lighter! Rx+: DB 50/35 WB 20/14 INT: DB 20/10# WB 14/10# BEG: Step Ups

BurgFit 4/21/21Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceMetcon3RFT 25 BJO 25 Cal Ski (Time)3 Rounds for Time 25 Box Jump Overs 24"/20" 25/20 Cal Ski 15 min cap Steady Pace on the box jump overs, higher volume means you do not want to come out hot early. Try to go faster on the ski erg than the box jump overs! Rx+: 30"/24" Box Jump Int: 20"/16" Beg: Step Overs 20/16 Cal Ski MetconRest 4 min AMRAP15 Asc TTB DU (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)AMRAP15 5 Toes to Bar 15 Double Unders 10 TTB 30 DU 15

BurgFit 4/19/21Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceMetconAMRAP 14 10 Pullups 20 Pushups 30 Squats 40 Situps 500m Row (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)AMRAP 14 10 Pullups 20 Pushups 30 Squats 40 Situps 300m Row 100m = 1 Rep Score Rounds and Reps Pushups and situps will get hard towards the end, smart sets in the middle to have gas left at the end, push the pace on the rower. Rx+: 20/14 Int: Banded Pullups Elevated Push Ups Beg: Ring Rows Banded Push Ups 200m Row MetconRest 4 min AMRAP 14 20 DB Snatches 40 OVH Lunge 200m Run (AMRAP - Rounds

BurgFit 4/16/21Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceMetcon4RFT 400m Run 100m Farmer Carry (Time)4RFT 400m Run 100m Double Farmer Carry 53/35 14 min cap 100m = 1 Rep Heart rate will be high from the runs, try and hold onto the KB unbroken for your 100m. Focus on keeping your core stable with your heart rate high. Rx+: 70/53 Int: 35/25 Beg: 25/18 300m RunMetconRest 4 min after time cap 2RFT 800m Row 20 TTB 15 SBC (Time)2RFT 800m Row 20 TTB 15 Sandbag Cleans 100/80 15 min cap 100m = 1 Rep Int: Toes to Eyes 80/60 Beg: 600m Row Toes to

BurgFit 3/5/21Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceMetconE6MOM36 200m Run 20 KBS 20 Situps 10 KB Snatch (Time)E6MOM36 200m Run 20 KB Swing 53/35 20 Sit-up 10 KB Snatch 53/35 (5 per side) Rx+: 70/53 Int: 35/26 Beg: 26/18Choose a weight on the kettlebell that you could do 1-2 sets of KBS unbroken