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Burg CrossFit is a big facility that still has that “small gym” feel. We’ve built our community on genuine friendship, and even with more than 250 members, you’ll still feel that vibe as soon as you walk in the door. We focus on whole-person health. In addition to killer CrossFit coaches, we’ve got a staff of experts on hand to keep you limber mentally and physically, including an in-house massage therapist, a mental health therapist, a nutritional coach, and more.

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Barbell Club

Barbell Club 2/27/20Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceWeightlifting1 Clean + 1 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk (Heavy complex of day)Perform 1 clean (any style) 1 push jerk 1 split JerkEvery 2 minutes for 16 minutes (8 sets), perform 1 complex. Build in weight over the course of the 8 sets. WeightliftingTempo Back squats (5x2 @ 60%+ Tempo)Perform 5 sets of 2 back squats with a 3 sec on the way to the bottom hold, and 1 sec hold at the bottom. Build in weight over the course of the 5 sets. All sets must

Barbell Club 2/25/20Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceSupersetBanded Deadlift (6x3 reps)Grab a thick black or green band. Place band over the barbell and then step on both end with feet. Weighted Glute Bridges (6x10 reps building)place just your shoulders on a bench starting with your butt on the ground. Have a barbell resting in your hip pocket and drive your hips to the ceiling until your torso is parallel with the ground.Accessory WorkSit-ups (4x20 sit-ups)Banded Pallof Press Hold (4x 1 minute (30s /side))

Barbell Club 2/24/20Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceWeightliftingShoulder Press (Heavy 2 building)15 minutes to establish a heavy set of 2WeightliftingFront Squat (Heavy set of 5)15 minutes to build to a heavy set of 5Accessory WorkFront Rack hold (3x1 minute)Hold the barbell in a front rack position keeping core locked in and activated the entire time (no arching back) High elbows 1 sec = 1 rep

Barbell Club 2/20/20Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceWeightliftingHSOD 2 Cleans + Jerk (Heavy complex) No touch and go. Do one full clean, drop from top, then one full clean and jerk. However you do your jerk focus on speed and foot work20 minutes to establish a heavy complex of the dayWeightliftingClean Pull (3x5 )Perform at 105% of todays heavy complexAccessory WorkGHD Situps (3x25)

Barbell Club 2/19/20Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceSupersetBench Press (5x10)Banded Tricep Extensions (5x10)Take a light resistance band, strap it up to a pull up bar. Keep the elbows tucked into your side, drive hands to the ground. Keep it slow and controlled.WeightliftingReverse grip Barbell Bicep Curl (5x8)Perform each with a 3 second eccentric (lowering)