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Burg CrossFit is a big facility that still has that “small gym” feel. We’ve built our community on genuine friendship, and even with more than 250 members, you’ll still feel that vibe as soon as you walk in the door. We focus on whole-person health. In addition to killer CrossFit coaches, we’ve got a staff of experts on hand to keep you limber mentally and physically, including an in-house massage therapist, a mental health therapist, a nutritional coach, and more.

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Barbell Club

Barbell Club 10/7/19Warm-upWarm-up core, posterior, burpees2 minutes rowing or ski-erg then 2 rounds 20 second plank hold 10 weighted good mornings 25/15 10 Walking Lunges 5 BurpeesWeightliftingDeadlift (% work)7@65%, 5@75%, 3@85% 7@75%, 5@85%, 3@90% 3@85%, 2@90%, 1@95%+ 25 mins to complete Accessory WorkSupersetGHD Kayak Rows (3x10/side AHAP)Assume the same position as GHD sit ups. Starting with a PVC lean back so your core is fully engaged. Paddle with the PVC like you would a kayak. build up if form is perfect (15lb trainer bar, 15kg bar, 20 kg bar)Dball Hold (3x 90s Hold Build AHAP)1 second = 1 rep

Barbell Club 10/4/19Warm-upBurgener Warm-up20/15 calories on the bike then grab a barbell Coach lead Burgener Warm-up Perform 1 round of 5 of each movements: Hang Snatch pull Hang Snatch high pull Hang muscle snatch Overhead squat Hang squat snatch Full squat Snatch WeightliftingSquat Snatch (EMOM for 30 min)EMOM for 30 minutes 1 Squat Snatch Build to a heavy snatch Goal is to not hit your maximal lift by minute 18 Strategize and note all weights (both successful and unsuccessful) in notes Ex 65, 75, 85, 95, 135, 145f, 145, 155, 165f … (f is for failed lift)

Barbell Club 8/19/19Warm-upWarm Up - Shoulders2 minutes on bike/rower/ski 2 Rounds 10 Banded Pull Aparts 10 Banded Pass Throughs 10 Banded Good Mornings 10 Banded OHSSupersetBanded KB Bench Press (5x5 )Using a red band (if possible), hang a KB from each side of the barbell. If available, use the bamboo barDont begin superset until you have established a starting weight considered heavy.Bottom Up KB Press (5x7/arm)Hold the KB upside down while standing. Control the KB and strict press to overhead. Squeeze your core and focus on shoulder stabilityWeightliftingBack Squat (Heavy set of 3)