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Burg CrossFit is a big facility that still has that “small gym” feel. We’ve built our community on genuine friendship, and even with more than 250 members, you’ll still feel that vibe as soon as you walk in the door. We focus on whole-person health. In addition to killer CrossFit coaches, we’ve got a staff of experts on hand to keep you limber mentally and physically, including an in-house massage therapist, a mental health therapist, a nutritional coach, and more.

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Burg Barbell Club March 18, 2020

Barbell Club 3/18/2020

Coaches Choice
10-15 minutes coaches choice

Superset Box Squat, Glute Bridge Hold, Side Plank
Box squat (6×5)
Build to Heavy Set of the Day
Glute bridges (6x30s Hold)
Side Plank (6x30s Per Side )
Starting on your side. Place nearest elbow and forearm on the ground. Engage your core and squeeze your glutes to push your hips forward and off the ground. Support your body weight only on your elbow/forearm and feet (scaled: knees).

Just like a traditional plank, your core should be constantly engaged and you don’t want your hips to sag or over-extend (valley or mountian)

Every second is 1-rep

Accessory Work
Front Rack hold (3x30s)
Hold the barbell in a front rack position keeping core locked in and activated the entire time (no arching back) High elbows

1 sec = 1 rep

Front Rack Hold for 30s @100% of today’s final squat weight.